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Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Tour - The Colosseum Windsor Ontario


                                      Thoughts & Musings On The DWTS Tour & Professional Dancers!

Show opens with Emma on the video screen welcoming the audience & encouraging everyone to participate in a dance along.  1st up with a fun group routine & then Sharna & Val speak briefly to pump up the crowd.

Next Alek, Lindsay, Jenna & Brittany have a hot number follow by some cute banter between Alek & Linz! 

Val & the cast follow with a sweet group number..and next with one of my fav routines Sharna & most of the guys in a very sexy latin dance (Sharna's was wearing an awesome to the floor sequined royal blue dress, slit up the side to you know where:)  Val & Peta have a beautiful & emotional routine & then couple more group numbers.

Next another highlight was Artem & Peta on stage with the backdrop of thier now iconic season 21 poster!  Naturally they went on for several minutes on how they didn't even have celebrity partners, it was very funny!

All the girls set the stage on fire with yet another sexy hot number, all wearing sequined teddy's not covering much (Seems to be the theme of the night for wardrobe, not that I'm complaining:)  Then Val & Sharna partner up with a seductive dance with a very cool giant fan backdrop!!

Then highlight for every female & I suppose gay guy in the audience...all the pro guys strip down to the waist in a fun Magic Mike routine...lots a swooning & I love you's from the gals!!  (But no panties hurled up on stage:) At the end Peta comes out & interviews most of the guys with some funny moments!

Finally to the direct audience participation...Emma heads this up as they go out into audience & bring up 3 volunteers to dance with the pros! The 3 pick from a list of 5 songs/dance to perform & then Keo, Lindsay & Emma are the judges (10's for everyone) Audience just ate this up & the pros seem to love it!!

Hop on the plane to Miami...Emma & Jenna open this sequence of numbers, followed by Brittany & Paul...Artem & Lindsay....Val & Emma...Peta & Keo & Full Group Number!

                              This takes us to a 10 minute intermission! (A chance to breathe & take a cold shower:)

Back with a lovely Waltz/Trot with Emma & Julz...Then it's top hats & tails for the guys & beautiful yellow/gold full length dresses for the ladies in a awesome group production!

Have I mentioned yet that the set design is spectacular...The whole show was eye popping from that perspective!   

Maybe my favs of the night were back to back with Lindsay & Artem's goosebump filled dance..followed by a close & sexy number with Jenna & Val!

Lindsay & Alek are back on stage, bantering back & forth about his journey on season 21!

And another highlight for the gals...Jenna & Brittany on stage with Alan, chatting up all his short-cummings & gettin plenty of laughs!  Until Alan takes off his shirt & then the ladies went wild again!!  (Have some video of that)

Up next Artem (James Bond Background) With Bond girls Emma, Brittany & Lindsay!

Next up another favorite routine with Sharna & Alan...followed by 60's inspired routines with Peta & the guys & then Emma & Keo!

Since I didnt take any pics....not sure if I have timing right but the entire pro cast came out & chatted in with a pre-recorded track & solo moved with their brief stories of what motivates their lives! (It was spellbinding & hence no pics...just watching & listening)

Alek & Emma recreate their Rumba from season 21...Followed by Sharna & Keo, both lovely dances!

And what every gal in the audience was waiting for...Val comes out and chats up the audience for about 5 minutes!!

Just the Finale group dance to perform, solo waves to the audience & group bow!

After watching & promoting dancers for the past 6 years....the overriding message I get from these dedicated artists....they truly adore what they do & when it comes to performance, there is no place they rather be then on stage pouring their hearts out & giving every ounce of emotion they can muster up to us!!

                                   I JUST LOVE DANCERS...WISH I COULD MYSELF!  ENJOY THE PICS & VIDS!